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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Friend

It was just last year when we start this friendship. I can't believe that almost 10 years we can met at that chat through Facebook.
I never expect him. The truth is he was my elementary crush but now we have our different lives that must face. Since then that we have communication, we shared a lot of things. Likes, dislikes, persons, secrets and also reminiscing our elementary days. I am not expecting that there will be "something" for both of us. I am now enjoying what we have. Apparently were starting a good relationship for each other as friends.
I must admit that I feel comfortable with him. I can tell anything to him without any hesitation. Just everything under the sun. He is a really really good adviser. A friend I can really lean on.

To my friend. I hope that this friendship would take long and whatever happens I'm just at your back willing to catch you when you fall. Always at your side. I can be your handkerchief to wipe away your tears.
Just call and send me message, and  I'll be there.

I Love You Friend Always...


  1. Is he single? Gosh, it would be cool if you could bring that friendship to the next level. So that Lee Min Ho will be mine na.. hahahaha.. Go girl..

  2. Lee min ho will be forever mine! hahaha

  3. I'm sure that friend of yours is so proud of you! Have a nice weekend!

  4. That's sweet! Hope your friendship last and may God Bless both of you.