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Friday, December 24, 2010




Thursday, December 23, 2010


 Busy everywhere. At last I have opened my blog. Its been a week i havent updated it..


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish List

Here's my wish list guys.








  (my fiancee):)





Thursday, December 2, 2010

Important Reminder

Since Christmas is nearly approaching I  just remember that someone  had promised me to give me a Christmas gift. He told me that he's going to give me my own site. Yup guys... My own DOT COM. I do hope he won't forget that promise. I'm so excited of having my own dot com.

Well I'll wait that my dear friend..

If ever it will be come true, thank you very much, and if not then  it's okay... You're still my friend...

But friend I am still hoping.. (with big smile) :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Christmas Song

Since you've been posting your wish list, i'll post my Christmas song. i hope you'll like it...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Date: TIPS and TRICKS

The first date: what to wear, where to go, what to say, what to do and what not to do. All this pressure to make a good first impression can be daunting. Here are some illustration of tips and tricks, enjoy :)
date01 First Date Tips and Tricks
date02 First Date Tips and Tricks
date03 First Date Tips and Tricks
date04 First Date Tips and Tricks
date05 First Date Tips and Tricks
date06 First Date Tips and Tricks
date07 First Date Tips and Tricks
date08 First Date Tips and Tricks
date09 First Date Tips and Tricks
date10 First Date Tips and Tricks

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unforgettable Moment

  This is just a flashback during my elementary days. My unforgettable moment at that time is my first kiss in my first crush. Every time i remember that moment I always keep smiling. Maybe it's just it was my first kiss. Really unforgettable.
  When I was in elementary I am a shy type of person. I don't really mingle with them. I just feel some inferiority towards my classmate. So, when this boy came into our school i find him cute already. He is smart, adorable and always keep smiling which I like at him. I always stare at him and take a glimpse. Also I gather some information about him to know him very well. But someday my classmates were teasing him into another girl and it hurts me a lot during that time. So one day my he keeps on teasing me on something but i keep on teasing him in the other girl. He told me not to tease him with that girl or else he will kiss me. I did not listen to him and I just continue to tease him and suddenly he kissed me... I was so shocked. I don't know what to say or what to react. So I just decided to go home. Then the other day for him maybe it was just nothing. But for me at that time it means a lot for me and I'm sure I won't forget that time. I'm correct until now I remember it as the same the way before.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gift

We all know that most of the time in a Christmas Party there is also an exchange gifts between your classmates, friends, co workers, family and etc.
There's a Christmas Party that I can't forget in my whole life because it started there my again, again and again ever dearest gift.
This was happened during my elementary days. We held a Christmas Party and of course I am so excited that I will receive a gift by then from one of my classmate who pick my name. I saw  the gifts on the table. I immediately  went to to the table to see what is my gift. Apparently, I embarrass when I saw what's for me. Maybe I was expecting a a big gift. But not so. When I saw the gift it was a small box and by the way it was the smallest gift in our class. I really felt sad at that time. My whole day was a sad day. When my teacher told us that we can open our gift, obviously I am not exited. It was a small tree that has a quote of  "tree of life". See...
What's the connection? The sad thing also is that I ask the person who give that to me. O ask him why he give that thing to me as a gift. He said because the name that he pick is just nothing and he was expecting the other person and not me. So it came on my mind he was expecting his crush name to pick. Note: His crush and I have the same name.  Ouch!. I can't believe he said that in front of me. I felt sad that maybe a little effort to the gift. It's not that because he didn't pick the name which he was expecting it means that he will not just to took a little effort to give something special or memorable to the name he picked.
After that, I have wished for my self that maybe someday when I can receive a gift a stuff toy gift which I really wanted. You know what guys, since first year high school until fourth year high school, during Christmas party I've always receive a stuff toy. So it was every year and my first gift that I receive for my first boyfriend is also a stuff toy. What a coincidence...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thumbs Up!... Manny Pacquiao

The pride of  the Philippines Manny Pacquiao still reign in the ring. Again he got the title as the 8th World Title. I knew it that Pacquiao would win that game. But I never thought that it would last up to 12th round. I'm expecting that Pacquiao would knock him out but its okay at least Pacquiao win the fight. If you will notice Pacquiao had a hard fight with Margarito. Margarito seems a hard and a tough man. He took all the punches from Pacquiao but still standing on the ring. Margarito hurt a lot. He got wound at the face and his eyes were closed. At the middle of fight Pacquiao wanted the referee to look at Margarito's face because he knew that he was hurt badly. After all that Pacquiao knew he will win but still he is concerned with his opponent.

Again Manny Pacquiao we salute you.
Just stay humble and be a God fearing as you are.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not A Good Day

 My relatives  and I went to a mall. That day they have a SALE. There were so many people. We decided to have some fun in an amusement. We played games and also singing all day long which I love the most.
It was really fun. After that we eat. We decided to eat some chicken with rice. They have a promo  there unlimited rice. Cool.. At least we can eat more rice because at that time we were so hungry. After we eat we decided to look around at the mall. We find a blouse for only 150.00. I like the blouse so I buy it, and also my relatives buy some blouse too. After all the fun we had all day long, we decided to went home.
 As I got home my hubby called me up. After all the conversation we had on the phone suddenly we argued in something. It was kind a personal issue. I better not to mention. As we argue he just shut his phone.
I'm totally hurt when he did that. Then I just cried after that call. I really really don't want my hubby and I would have some misunderstanding, because I just can't help it but to cry.
  After all I can't help to sleep if I know that there is something wrong between two of us. So I do some message to him through yahoo messenger that let's have some chat at 2 a.m. I'll wait for him to go online.

I'm really willing to wait until that time. And I do hope that we can settle it down immediately. I love him and I don't want something not good to happened between two of us.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Got Lucky!

   This lucky moment happened a year ago. All of us know that many people are getting involved with lottery. And to tell you frankly, I'm one of them. I think there's nothing wrong to have a bet in lottery, as along don't bet all your money in lottery or lotto. I just began to bet in lottery when I had my first job. I bet only for twenty pesos every time I had some extra money. Sometimes I do win as much one hundred pesos only. Even I only win one hundred I'm so happy with it. But one day I'm just got lucky that I have won in the lottery. I really don't expect that. I have just won the 5 digits and not the 6 which is the jackpot. Even though it is only a five digits it really helps a lot for my family and me.With that money I've buy my first electronic notebook, my favorite dress, shoes, we eat in together is a restaurant but not so expensive and the rest I give it to them. I'm really so happy at that time that at least I have seen my where the money goes. Until now I've been doing to bet in a lotto but not so often and again If I do have some extra money only.

By the way I've won P56,000.00...

TRY YOUR LUCK GUYS. (as of this moment their jackpot is about 400 million pesos).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cold Spaghetti

Some people told me that I was weird in eating spaghetti. Most often people like to eat spaghetti when it is a little bit hot. But not for me. I love to eat spaghetti when it is cold. I've enjoyed it eating really a lot.
I won't eat a spaghetti when it has a little bit hot. I would prefer to put it in a refrigerator first.
But that's me..

               Go Cold Spaghetti...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forbidden Love

This is a true story:

She is my friend. I won't tell her name here. She was telling all along to us that she had a hidden feeling with this guy. I already saw that guy. Apparently he is tall and handsome and no doubt my friend like him. And one day she told me that something happened between them. I'm so shock when she told me about that thing. Months later she got pregnant and that she bare a little boy. They really love each other but their parents are against on their relationship as much as we do.

But you know what guys?  Why they can't be together inspite they love each other?
Because they were COUSIN.

My Star

I can't help to look at you
I can't help to to stare at you
I can't help to see you
I can't help it...

I can't help to hold you
I can't help to touch you
I can't help to hug you
I can't help it...

I can't help it see you
I can't help it to hug you
I can't help it to love you
Coz you are my STAR...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Hate You... But "I Love You"

 I hate your eyes
I hate your lips
I hate your voice
I hate all this things...

I hate the way you stare at me
I hate the way you call my name
I hate the way you you treat me
I hate all this things...

I hate you hold my hands
I hate you touch my face
I hate you kiss me
I hate all this things...

I hate all this things...
But deep inside  "I Love You"...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Instant " Forever Love

      Many people would doubt that in just a short term relationship it would make last forever. Yes, it is rare that if a lovers would have a short relationship do not last work out. But I just want to share something with you guys that it all started in an "instant" relationship but then it last into forever love.
    It was a night party. A elementary reunion. All people were enjoying. In the middle of party on the other side were two people, a girl and a boy (both of them were heart broken). A girl is drunk already and that boy noticed it. They were not closed before when they were elementary. But the boy had a hidden feelings before towards that girl. He just stared the girl as always he do before. But when the girl suddenly lie down, the boy accompany immediately the girl. He accompany the girl into a room to take the girl a rest. When he tried to put the girl on the bed, accidentally they kissed each other. They were shocked. They just look each other for about a minute. Then something happened. (I think you know what it means)...
   And they wake each other. They know what had happened yesterday night. They talked each other that it was an accident. But the boy couldn't believe what had happened. He feel that he had cheated a girl and take an advantage of her. As they talked, they decided to have a relationship being boyfriend and girlfriend. But the days comet they were happy with that. They had a good relationship and everything work well. After one month they had discover that the girl is pregnant. Apparently the boy stand for it. They have been married. Until now they live happily ever after. They have two children. On February 08, 2011 they will celebrate their 15th anniversary..

 Instant one night affair
Instant relationship
Instant pregnant
Instant child
But then Long Lasting Love...


Monday, November 1, 2010


    I'm just a simple person. I don't dress too much. As long i can wear t-shirt and jeans and flat sandals and done. That's it. unlike other girls during my college life. They put make up and and other accessories on their body. Well. that's me. Just simple.
   But one day I found a new friend. She was my classmates on several subjects i take. She is also simple. Simple in looks, how she carry herself, her dress and everything. We became good friends. But one day she invite me on her birthday. I can't believe what I saw. There were boys drinking alcohol, do smoking and what a hard rock music that is so, so, so loud and even do girls do the same also. I myself decided just to go home.
 I don't know what happened in nowhere but they were inviting me to have a little shut in alcohol.  As I was holding the glass with alcohol I was looking at them. It seemed they really enjoyed the party and all the stuff they're doing. and so I did a little shot on alcohol. The time past by I was drunk!
 The time goes by I was drinking alcohol, I'm about to know how to cut in classes, do smoking and guess what, I was able to put make up also and my dressed. I have change a lot! I know that it is not me. I know that I am doing the wrong turn. I don't know what  comes on my mind that I'm doing all that stuff.
  Pretending to be one of them.
  Pretending that I can drink alcohol and get drunk
  Pretending that I can smoke
All this stuffs is just to pretend. Just to be like them...

But I know in my heart that it is not Me. Why do I have to pretend to be someone if being simple is COOL..

Goodbye Pretender...
Hello Simple...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


    This is my first time on blog. Right now I'm still thinking on my first post. My friend introduce me this blog. I find it interesting. I hope you all guys accept me in this "world".
See you guys for more post.

Welcome to Myself.