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Monday, November 1, 2010


    I'm just a simple person. I don't dress too much. As long i can wear t-shirt and jeans and flat sandals and done. That's it. unlike other girls during my college life. They put make up and and other accessories on their body. Well. that's me. Just simple.
   But one day I found a new friend. She was my classmates on several subjects i take. She is also simple. Simple in looks, how she carry herself, her dress and everything. We became good friends. But one day she invite me on her birthday. I can't believe what I saw. There were boys drinking alcohol, do smoking and what a hard rock music that is so, so, so loud and even do girls do the same also. I myself decided just to go home.
 I don't know what happened in nowhere but they were inviting me to have a little shut in alcohol.  As I was holding the glass with alcohol I was looking at them. It seemed they really enjoyed the party and all the stuff they're doing. and so I did a little shot on alcohol. The time past by I was drunk!
 The time goes by I was drinking alcohol, I'm about to know how to cut in classes, do smoking and guess what, I was able to put make up also and my dressed. I have change a lot! I know that it is not me. I know that I am doing the wrong turn. I don't know what  comes on my mind that I'm doing all that stuff.
  Pretending to be one of them.
  Pretending that I can drink alcohol and get drunk
  Pretending that I can smoke
All this stuffs is just to pretend. Just to be like them...

But I know in my heart that it is not Me. Why do I have to pretend to be someone if being simple is COOL..

Goodbye Pretender...
Hello Simple...


  1. yeah good realization
    di naman dapat makibagay sa kanila dun sa aspetong pag-iinom, pwede ka mo naman silang maging friends without doing those,
    sabi nga mas maganda na maging walking model sa kanila.
    be blessed, salamat po sa pagdaan sa blog ko, add ko po kayo sa link ko.

  2. minsan di mo kailangan ilugar ang sarili mo sa kanila para lang magkaroon ng kaibigan. minsan kailangan mong magstand firm sa mga desisyon mo. GODBLESS sa iyo sa mundong ito,...

  3. yep. :) being you is always cool. :) alam mo, maganda yang realization mo. :) be happy alwaysa sa kung sino ka, ano ka, at kung ano ang mga magagawa mo. :)

    gandang araw athena! :)
    God bless you! :)

  4. Simpleness doesn't mean you should stay away from make-up, dresses or alcohol-as long you drink moderately. Smoke? yes, stay away! Make-up is also okay as long as you don't use it to look like a clown.
    Pretending to belong into something is a problem of many...but if your able to resist and get your original self back, meaning your a strong person.

  5. hi athena!

    if athena is really your name, then you live as what where your name derive from. Athena is a goddess of war and wisdom according to greek mythology right?

    and i think, since you already fought the battle of finding who you are then you found out the wisdom that you deserve. you may find that as bad experience but if you didn't do those things then there's no new you in the end.

    glad that you turn into someone who knows her true worth. mabuhay!

  6. okay lang naman makisama pero wag piliting maging tulad nila kung hindi ka naman ganun talaga. :) mas masaya pag yung circle of friends mo ay yung mga nakakasundo mo sa maraming bagay, you won't need to pretend. :)

  7. saludo ako sayo, alam mo kung sino ka. marami jang pretentious, ma-accept lang ng iba.

    mas maganda na magkaron ng circle of friends wherein alam mo na hindi mo kailangang magpaka-plastic pag kasama mo sila.

    it's not the issue of how many friends you have, it's how true you are when you are with them.