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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not A Good Day

 My relatives  and I went to a mall. That day they have a SALE. There were so many people. We decided to have some fun in an amusement. We played games and also singing all day long which I love the most.
It was really fun. After that we eat. We decided to eat some chicken with rice. They have a promo  there unlimited rice. Cool.. At least we can eat more rice because at that time we were so hungry. After we eat we decided to look around at the mall. We find a blouse for only 150.00. I like the blouse so I buy it, and also my relatives buy some blouse too. After all the fun we had all day long, we decided to went home.
 As I got home my hubby called me up. After all the conversation we had on the phone suddenly we argued in something. It was kind a personal issue. I better not to mention. As we argue he just shut his phone.
I'm totally hurt when he did that. Then I just cried after that call. I really really don't want my hubby and I would have some misunderstanding, because I just can't help it but to cry.
  After all I can't help to sleep if I know that there is something wrong between two of us. So I do some message to him through yahoo messenger that let's have some chat at 2 a.m. I'll wait for him to go online.

I'm really willing to wait until that time. And I do hope that we can settle it down immediately. I love him and I don't want something not good to happened between two of us.


  1. Hope you could settle everything between the two of you.. God bless you both,

  2. ... magiging okei den kayoh.. *hugz*... Godbless!

  3. oh yeah nagbackread.. i like cold spaghetti too.. actually akoh i like it either hot or cold... not in between... wehe.. nd yeah abah... u were so lucky... u won dat much money... hangsuwerte.. daz a lot of money... so yeah... un lang po.. hanggang sa muli.. Godbless!

  4. parang kahapon pako nag ccomment dito pero di lumalabas? errr..... laging error! hooo~1


    ok lang yan, kailangan talaga may away sa isang relationship at tama ka, wag mo na patagalin...o siguro naayos mo na ngaun? regards :)