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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thumbs Up!... Manny Pacquiao

The pride of  the Philippines Manny Pacquiao still reign in the ring. Again he got the title as the 8th World Title. I knew it that Pacquiao would win that game. But I never thought that it would last up to 12th round. I'm expecting that Pacquiao would knock him out but its okay at least Pacquiao win the fight. If you will notice Pacquiao had a hard fight with Margarito. Margarito seems a hard and a tough man. He took all the punches from Pacquiao but still standing on the ring. Margarito hurt a lot. He got wound at the face and his eyes were closed. At the middle of fight Pacquiao wanted the referee to look at Margarito's face because he knew that he was hurt badly. After all that Pacquiao knew he will win but still he is concerned with his opponent.

Again Manny Pacquiao we salute you.
Just stay humble and be a God fearing as you are.


  1. congratz manny... nd 2nd d' motion kay athena... stay humble... Godbless! -di

  2. Margarito, was rushed to the hospital, due to some serious bruises he got from the fight.. Too bad for him..

  3. I must agree... I am one of those "few" people who would say "Anu namang mapapala ko sa pagkapanalo ni Paquiao?" ... hmn... but after I have watched some documentaries about the people's champ, I must admit, naging stiffnecked ako not to see that Pacman is one of those jewels, the Filipino people should be proud of... nice post.

  4. If only countries could bet on boxing, we would rise above our situations. Pacquiao won straight several games and if we bet on his fight, our debts will be paid. But as what Yvar said, Pacquiao is a jewel, he may not raise our country from poverty, but at least, he can bring pride for us. We've been totally condemn by different nationalities for the past months and he changed the whole picture. Hats off to you Pacquaio!

  5. at kahit gaano ka humble yung tao meron pa rin paninira..