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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Instant " Forever Love

      Many people would doubt that in just a short term relationship it would make last forever. Yes, it is rare that if a lovers would have a short relationship do not last work out. But I just want to share something with you guys that it all started in an "instant" relationship but then it last into forever love.
    It was a night party. A elementary reunion. All people were enjoying. In the middle of party on the other side were two people, a girl and a boy (both of them were heart broken). A girl is drunk already and that boy noticed it. They were not closed before when they were elementary. But the boy had a hidden feelings before towards that girl. He just stared the girl as always he do before. But when the girl suddenly lie down, the boy accompany immediately the girl. He accompany the girl into a room to take the girl a rest. When he tried to put the girl on the bed, accidentally they kissed each other. They were shocked. They just look each other for about a minute. Then something happened. (I think you know what it means)...
   And they wake each other. They know what had happened yesterday night. They talked each other that it was an accident. But the boy couldn't believe what had happened. He feel that he had cheated a girl and take an advantage of her. As they talked, they decided to have a relationship being boyfriend and girlfriend. But the days comet they were happy with that. They had a good relationship and everything work well. After one month they had discover that the girl is pregnant. Apparently the boy stand for it. They have been married. Until now they live happily ever after. They have two children. On February 08, 2011 they will celebrate their 15th anniversary..

 Instant one night affair
Instant relationship
Instant pregnant
Instant child
But then Long Lasting Love...



  1. Rare it is... Hope every relationship stand the test of time as the couple in the story held onto theirs for 15 years and counting!!! :D

  2. Wow! bibihirang mangyari sana mas madami pang lalake na tulad ng kwento mo na kayang manindigan o kaya naman kayang panindigan ang kanilang pagkalalake :-)

    Hi, Athena na may magandang name salamat sa pagdalaw sa bahay ko.

  3. Wow, storya yan ng mama and papa ko.
    hiwalay na sila ngaun. :(

  4. oh my.. so instant.. sometimes love comes instantly that we need to face whether we're ready or not.

  5. @ will... how sad namn.. khit gnun but life must go on.. dont worry everything will be ok.

  6. awww!

    salamat ulit sa pagdalaw sa lungga ko. :)

  7. maybe it's fate that they are abound to be together. not all one-nigh-stands endure. minsan hanggang dun na lang yun. but it takes two to tango sabi nga nila. they worked it out and stood all the trials (including the girl being preggy). that's what made it last.

    thanks for sharing, athena.. :)

  8. Whoa... cool site. :D