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Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Got Lucky!

   This lucky moment happened a year ago. All of us know that many people are getting involved with lottery. And to tell you frankly, I'm one of them. I think there's nothing wrong to have a bet in lottery, as along don't bet all your money in lottery or lotto. I just began to bet in lottery when I had my first job. I bet only for twenty pesos every time I had some extra money. Sometimes I do win as much one hundred pesos only. Even I only win one hundred I'm so happy with it. But one day I'm just got lucky that I have won in the lottery. I really don't expect that. I have just won the 5 digits and not the 6 which is the jackpot. Even though it is only a five digits it really helps a lot for my family and me.With that money I've buy my first electronic notebook, my favorite dress, shoes, we eat in together is a restaurant but not so expensive and the rest I give it to them. I'm really so happy at that time that at least I have seen my where the money goes. Until now I've been doing to bet in a lotto but not so often and again If I do have some extra money only.

By the way I've won P56,000.00...

TRY YOUR LUCK GUYS. (as of this moment their jackpot is about 400 million pesos).


  1. wow. . that's big money.. i only won i think 50 pesos then.. haha

  2. hahaha. natsambahan lng nung tym na yun.. hehehe

  3. asteg! ang laking pera nun ahhh?!!! :)

  4. 56k? wow ulam yun. haha! pero sayang yung isang number ano? muntikan ka na maging milyonaryo pero atleast malaking pera pa din yan. swerte pa din.