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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gift

We all know that most of the time in a Christmas Party there is also an exchange gifts between your classmates, friends, co workers, family and etc.
There's a Christmas Party that I can't forget in my whole life because it started there my again, again and again ever dearest gift.
This was happened during my elementary days. We held a Christmas Party and of course I am so excited that I will receive a gift by then from one of my classmate who pick my name. I saw  the gifts on the table. I immediately  went to to the table to see what is my gift. Apparently, I embarrass when I saw what's for me. Maybe I was expecting a a big gift. But not so. When I saw the gift it was a small box and by the way it was the smallest gift in our class. I really felt sad at that time. My whole day was a sad day. When my teacher told us that we can open our gift, obviously I am not exited. It was a small tree that has a quote of  "tree of life". See...
What's the connection? The sad thing also is that I ask the person who give that to me. O ask him why he give that thing to me as a gift. He said because the name that he pick is just nothing and he was expecting the other person and not me. So it came on my mind he was expecting his crush name to pick. Note: His crush and I have the same name.  Ouch!. I can't believe he said that in front of me. I felt sad that maybe a little effort to the gift. It's not that because he didn't pick the name which he was expecting it means that he will not just to took a little effort to give something special or memorable to the name he picked.
After that, I have wished for my self that maybe someday when I can receive a gift a stuff toy gift which I really wanted. You know what guys, since first year high school until fourth year high school, during Christmas party I've always receive a stuff toy. So it was every year and my first gift that I receive for my first boyfriend is also a stuff toy. What a coincidence...


  1. Well, I'm glad you had received a gift that you wanted for the successive years. God Bless.

  2. at least nakatanggap ka nang gift galing sa luv moh... not so excited sa mga exchange gift non... eh kc nga ung iba eh lang effort sa mga gifts... eniweiz.. yeah not gonna add so more details to it... antokz na brain koh eh... ingatz... Godbless! -di

  3. Pasko na talga at puro gifts na ang pinag uusapan. hehehe! SPeaking of gifts i am willing to accept gifts hehehe!

  4. me too.. very much willing.. hehehe.. slmt sa pagdalaw nyo

  5. naks. hahahahah iba iba talaga mga makakapagpasaya sating gifts ano? sa iba pera, damit, libro,

    sakin toys..