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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cold Spaghetti

Some people told me that I was weird in eating spaghetti. Most often people like to eat spaghetti when it is a little bit hot. But not for me. I love to eat spaghetti when it is cold. I've enjoyed it eating really a lot.
I won't eat a spaghetti when it has a little bit hot. I would prefer to put it in a refrigerator first.
But that's me..

               Go Cold Spaghetti...


  1. There's nothing wrong with cold spaghetti, although i like hot a lot but it also tastes good to eat a cold one. As long as the sauce is still there and the pasta is still firm.

  2. @ indie.. kaya nga eh. mas karamihan gusto yung mainit na spag ako hindi. ayoko ng mainit. ksi pag kakain ng mainit pahinto hinto ang pagkain eh pag malamig dirediretso na.. hahaha

  3. Now that's cute.. :3

    But putting your spaghetti in the ref while it's still hot will destroy your making-food-cold machine..hahaha


  4. @ hindi ko nmn po ilalagay yun sa ref pag mainit.. hehehe palalamigin ko muna bgo ilagay... slmat po sa pagdalaw..

  5. ang weird nga athena. :) pero sa bagay, as long as di panis. hahah

    gandang araw! :)